Agronomic University 22-23: The Bible Year

Welcome to ‘22-’23 agronomic university academic year! This year’s plan is a guided read through of the whole of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation. This class will have two key emphases: understanding Scripture by adopting modes of prayer and practice from our reading, and drawing out the covenantal, family-making dynamic in salvation history. 

You are invited as an individual, near (ie Portland) or far, but more ideally, as a parish or other Christian community within which you can share this journey in person as well as virtually with us. All are welcome! [Sign up here

For context on the Simone Weil Catholic Worker who puts this on, the framework and short cumulative history of this little experiment in the Catholic Worker ideal of the “agronomic university,” and our most recent year on recapitulation, follow the links! 


Timeframe: 9/22/22–12/14/23 (calendar spreadsheet below)

Weekly Virtual Classes: Thursdays, 5–6:15 pm PT / 8–9:15 pm ET 

(Optional) Virtual Scriptural Prayer: Sat morning or Sun evening, with script for in person use 

Assigned Readings: Daily Scripture readings (Monday–Saturday, 20–30 min/day)

Cost: None. Please donate to the Simone Weil Catholic Worker as you are moved.

Reading Calendar

This spreadsheet breaks out the schedule for reading, meeting, and using suggested resources, organized around a Monday through Saturday schedule of daily Scripture reading. You will notice that the reading schedule is arranged around the historical chronology of texts in column A, moving from Genesis through Acts, while columns B and C provide readings for the non-chronological books (from Job through Revelation) and the Psalms and Wisdom Literature. The exception to this is that some Gospels are interspersed at key points in the Old Testament chronology. (Note: Our calendar is adapted from the “Bible in a Year” calendar.) 

Prayer and Practices

The class will help folks to explore classic ways of praying with Scripture, with a focus on incorporating prayer into the daily reading. The class will also support folks to discern (and regularly revisit) Scriptural practices to adhere to in four different categories, each of which are registers of faithfulness to God and axes of development fulfilled in Christ: Sabbath, Offering, Law, and Justice. 

Virtual Class Format

The virtual classes (Thursdays, 5–6:15pm PT / 8–9:15pm ET) will include guided discussions on the week’s reading as well as presentations by guest scholars. In addition to our weekly Thursday class sessions, we will also host an optional weekly prayer service either on Saturday mornings (9–9:30am PT / 12-12:30pm ET) or Sunday evenings (5:30-6pm PT / 8:30-9pm ET). These prayer services may include praying from the Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina, Ignatian contemplation, meditation on commandments, highlighted psalms, etc. We will also share a written template for these prayer services beforehand each week for use by groups meeting in person.

Our first three Thursday presenters will be:

  • Dr Gary Anderson, University of Notre Dame
  • Dr Anthony Pagliarini, University of Notre Dame
  • Dr Catherine Petrany, St Vincent College

Sign up HERE. We will follow up with folks who fill out the form to provide more specifics and some pre-reading!

Reach out to with any questions!