Welcome to the Simone Weil House agronomic university initiative! We hope the meta-level reflections we’re engaging in this first ‘academic year’ will set us up for integrated study, work, and prayer, that, in Maurin’s words, “restore a sacramental attitude toward life, property, and work.”

Sign up to join us here. We meet each Thursday, 5-6:15pm Pacific via Zoom. There is no cost, although you are invited to support our work financially as you are moved to.

2021-22 Academic Year Calendar

SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER: After Virtue, The Challenge of Fragmentation, and Suggestions for a Shared Vision of the Good 

Our seminar meets on Thursdays from 5-6:15 pm PDT / 8-9:15 pm EST via Zoom. We discuss roughly 3 chapters of After Virtue per week (schedule here). Our discussions are led by Nick Ogle, a late-stage doctoral student in moral theology at Notre Dame and former Catholic Worker. Although not required, students are encouraged to submit and respond to written reflections via our Agronomic University Google Group as a means of preparing for and continuing our live discussions.

NOVEMBER: Hadot’s Philosophy as a Way of Life

Facilitated by Professor Jennifer Martin

DECEMBER 2-9: Thomas Aquinas on the Virtues

Facilitated by Professor Paul Contino

DECEMBER 30 – JANUARY 27: Ratzinger’s Jesus of Nazareth

SPRING/SUMMER (exact dates TBD):

  • Peguy, von Balthasar, and Ratzinger on the social significance of recapitulation in Christ 

  • Newman and Zena Hitz on the aims and purposes of the university

 Shared Practices (Student Life) 

As an intended community of practice as well as study, our invitation to you extends beyond these discussions to the shared practices of the Simone Weil Catholic Worker. These invitations include:

These efforts are supported by shared learning within our mutual economy group that meets on First Mondays. For more information about these efforts, see our calendar