New Course: “Liturgy and Communion Economy”

Hello friends,

An exciting update! Starting on October 26, we will be piloting a free, online course through Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute for Church Life called “Liturgy and Communion Economy.” This course adapts an existing Notre Dame course on liturgical theology and draws out the economic implications of what we celebrate at mass as a liturgical community. In addition to the liturgical theology lectures, we have added our own “mini-lectures” focused on the economic aspects of Jesus’ ministry, the economic dimensions of covenant and redemption in the Hebrew Bible, debt jubilees in the ancient world and what they might mean to us today, and the economic vision of the Body of Christ. We also draw out a few economic case studies that we hope will help us bridge the theoretical, theological, and the practical. 

This course will articulate some of the theological foundation that underlies our economic projects, especially our proposal for parish-based credit union communities, that we will be piloting first here, at the Simone Weil House. 

You can learn more about the course here and enroll using this form!